MSC Monday Blast!

Today's Blast Includes

  • TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to RVSP for Relatives and Special Friends Day - Friday, December 4th
  • Photo Day photos are available online for viewing and purchasing!!!
  • Fairway Community Partner's  -  an easy fundraiser with no sign-up.  


  • Please note: beginning Monday, November 30, emails from the PTA will be sent out on Mondays and Thursdays only. There will no longer be a daily email blast. Be sure to check your emails twice a week for important announcements from the PTA.
  • Please remember that, in order to ensure a safe learning environment, alarms have been installed on all of the 14 exit doors in our building, with the exception of the front doors.  All families must enter and exit only through the front door.  As always, the accessible door is by the auditorium ( push the buzzer, and access will be granted). Alarms will sound when using any other door in the building.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY To RVSP for Relatives and Special Friends Day Friday, December 4th

Relatives and Special Friends Day is a day when any relative (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, etc.) or special friend of our children get the opportunity to visit our school and spend the morning with the special children in their lives.  It is THIS Friday, December 4th.  

Guests arrive at 9:00 a.m.  The day will consist of a short Welcome Presentation in the Auditorium before guests get escorted up to the Classrooms for a visit.  It ends with a light breakfast reception in the Lobby.  The event ends at 12:00 p.m.

Because of school security, RSF Day is a ticketed event.  To get a ticket for no more than TWO guests, please RSVP by November 30TH  to Supply the name of your guests, as well as your child’s grade and teacher.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.
Jessica Genick and Susan Gargiulo

Photo Day photos are available online for viewing and purchasing!!!

Dear MSC Parents,

The photos from MSC’s photo session are online, and you can save 20% through Nov. 30th!

To access the pictures, go to and click Client Viewing.

Click “Schools” and enter the following password based on your class: 

  • K01 LAUREL - 9pcDiM
  • K02 AMY-  t4ypzv
  • K03 LYNN - ffU2NU
  • K04 SUZANNE & STEPHANIE - Xqy77s
  • 101 RACHEL - Skx7C6
  • 102 JULIA - 4KMmFM
  • 103 ERICA - 3A5jMF
  • 104 LINDSEY & GERRI -  wDofpd
  • 201 KAREN - J38eW1
  • 202 ELIZABETH - azgVjN
  • 204/304 MADELENE - 1KPAN3
  • 301 ELIZABETH - U7V2V7
  • 302 STEPHANIE B - KXYHbp
  • 303 MARISSA & ALICE - q4C9D5
  • 401 KRISTIN - z11pr1
  • 402 EUNICE - 84y5Pv
  • 403 PATTI & FARA - F689g1
  • 501 KELLY - 74ded7
  • 502 NANCY - b9Z9Pk
  • 503 HILARY & HUAY - NWU6Ro
  • 601 NICHOLE - T3upf3
  • 602 ALAINA & AMY - 3zE2qY
  • 701 - bTu229
  • 702 - p1S7nQ
  • 801 - HJ38pP
  • 802 - E49q1e

You will be able to view photos and order prints directly through our secure website.

Save 20% off orders of $25 or more.  Simply use code 20off25 at checkout.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Jeff Zorabedian

JDZ Photography LLC

Fairway Community Partner's  -  an easy fundraiser with no sign-up.  

Shop at any Fairway, show your card, pay for your purchase.

Partner's Double Day is Tuesday, December 1st

Your purchases count twice for MSC!

If you need a card delivered to your child's mailbox, please contact Lilar at or see Maxine, parent coordinator, in the Main Office.