Letter from Claire - November 23

Dear Families,

Great news, the netting has been placed on one side of the building and it will be completed soon. Netting being placed on the scaffolding will help remind students to stay off the scaffolding. Also, the water fountains have been installed in the basement and on the fifth floor. The rest will be coming very soon. MSC water bottles are being sold in the lobby.


We need your help and so do our trees in the little yard. Children have been climbing and breaking branches off our trees afterschool.  Please remind your children, and their caregivers, that children should not touch or climb the trees.


The first kindergarten tour was held this week. Big shout out to the Welcoming Committee and all the volunteers for organizing, planning and spotlighting the wonderful parts of our school.  Special thanks to the IDC for hosting a meet and greet for head start and day care staff.


Thank you to all who came to November Chat with Claire! At Chat with Claire we discussed the following:


Door alarms – due to Avonte’s Law alarms have been place on all the exit doors in our building as an extra measure of safety. The auditorium door is our accessible entrance.  Please use only those doors to enter and exit the building.  Families are still going through the alarmed doors and setting off alarms.  We need your help to keep our school safe.  Please remember that strollers are not allowed in school buildings for safety reasons, they can be left outside or by parked by the elevators. 


Scaffolding – School construction started sealing off the bridging.  No one is allowed to climb the scaffolding.  Children, during after school hours, have been climbing the structure, and using the bars to pull themselves up.  Please make sure children are well supervised after school.


From the Classroom

Gerri and Lindsey class held an “Engineering Morning.” Students and families participated in center exploration: inspired by nature, all the right tools, tumbling tower, shifting shapes, boxing beans, learning from failure, showerhead showdown, glue is the clue, and engineering connection. It was wonderful to see families, students and staff experience, explore and learn together!


I visited 6-8 Round Table student work showcase presentations.  6-8 grade students presented a piece of work from the first marking period.  Students evaluated each other, shared a glow and grow with each of their group members, and then reflected on the feedback writing a goal of what to do next. Students presented their reading notebook, math poster, design your own logo poster, prime time story problem on common factors and common multiples to solve problems. Investigative journalism: our generation digital world, reckless driving and personal narrative, showing the before and after of a lead by adding craft moves and evidence to make it more engaging.


This week was a big week for our Girls Volleyball Team! Making it to their round of playoffs, they won the championship.  Big shout out to the girls for working as a team, showing their impressive skills and to Karen for her great leadership as a coach!


Wellness week was a success! Harvest day in the greenhouse and cafeteria, yoga in the classrooms, fencing in the recess yard, smoothie samples in the lobby, and family fitness night! We all celebrated our commitment to healthy living and wellness.