Letter from Claire - November 2

Dear Families, 

Family conferences are this week for K-5 (6-8 is the week of November 16th). This is an important opportunity for teachers and families to review progress and together set individual goals.  Teachers will discuss strengths, next steps, and provide information about what your child should be working towards as the second grading period starts.  Your child’s STARS (Student Transcript and Academic Recording System) progress report will be shared at the conference. Students are encouraged to attend the conferences.  Families have access to STARS progress report through NYC Schools Account. For assistance, gaining access, contact Maxine at MWitherspoon2@schools.nyc.gov

Thank you to all who came to October Chat with Claire! At Chat with Claire we discussed a school store, scaffolding, construction and family conferences. 

School store – Many parents have inquired about MSC starting a school store. The idea is great, but space is very limited, so we are launching an online store and all MSC gear will be available. 

K Tours – Kindergarten tours are starting soon, and one parent stated it would be great to have a virtual tour for the parents who are unable to attend. 

Construction- We are waiting to see if a bid was put through for the construction being done to the JOA campus building. Once a bid is set in place the process will take two years to complete.  Students continue to climb on the scaffold. Security has been going outside to remind students not to climb the scaffolding. Ideas to stop students from climbing the scaffold: place orange netting, students design in art class do not climb the scaffold signs. We all stated that these ideas are great but parents and families really need to parent their children. Topic will be brought back to the table at the next SLT meeting but something has to be done now. Class parents can also help can also help with this process, and Claire will have a meeting with the other principals in the building to discuss what can be done.

Pie Tasting Event – Brad and Lisa spoke about the upcoming Pie Tasting event on November 6, 2015. 

Family Conferences – Grades K-5 the sign-up sheet is outside the door, and grades 6-8 families sign up online to sign up for a date and time. The goal is to have every child in MSC attend parent teacher conferences with their parents in the spring.

From the Classroom

All second grade classes published small moment writing pieces. Writers worked with peers to edit and to look for places that made stories stronger. During the publishing share for families, students explained the writing process and showed the many revisions that pieces went through from drafting to publishing. 

We had our first international thespian society induction ceremony for our 7th and 8th graders.  Students are very excited they started brainstorming a service-learning project, shared input on the spring musical, and ways to recruit people to come to the Arts festival. Big shout out to Erin for planning, organizing this wonderful event! 


Family Conferences & Progress Reports 

Starting this year, we are using the NYCDOE STARS Progress Reports. 

K-5: The first scheduled parent / teacher conferences are this week on November 2nd (note: Tuesday is Election Day and no school).  The goal is for all families to have a family conference. 

  • Teachers will have a sign-up sheet outside their classroom for families to sign up.
  • Evening Session Conference is Wednesday, November 4th.
  • Half day afternoon conference is Thursday, November 5th.  Students in K-5 are dismissed at 12:00.  

6th Grade: The first scheduled parent / teacher conferences will be the week of November 17th. Families will be signing up for an appointment through sign up genius. The link will be shared soon. 

  • Evening Conference - Wednesday, November 18th from 5:30-8:00
  • Afternoon Conference -Thursday, November 19th from 12:30-3:00 -This is a half-day for grades 6-8 and students are dismissed at noon.

7th & 8th: The first scheduled parent / teacher conferences will be the week of November 17th.  Families will be signing up for an appointment through sign up genius. The link will be shared soon. 

  • Afternoon Conference - Tuesday, November 17th from 12:30-3:00 -This is a half-day for grades 6-8 and students are dismissed at noon.
  • Evening Conference - Wednesday, November 18th from 5:30-8:00
  • Afternoon Session – November 24th: 3:00-4:05 
  • Afternoon Session – Tuesday, December 1st: 3:00-4:05 
  • Afternoon Session- December 4th (It is an MSC half day, students are dismissed at noon).


Please remember that, in order to ensure a safe learning environment, alarms have been installed on all of the 14 exit doors in our building, with the exception of the front doors.   All staff and families must enter and exit only through the front door.  Alarms will sound when using any other door in the building.  

Please remind your children it is unsafe and dangerous to hang, climb and/or play on the scaffolding surrounding our building.  

Important Dates:

November 3rd: Election Day, No school for students 

November 4th: K-5 Evening Family Conferences 

November 5th: K-5 Afternoon Conferences, K-5 students dismissed at 12:00. 

November 6th: MSC half-day, students dismissed at 12:00. 

November 9th: PTA Executive Board Meeting@ 5:30 

November 10th: SLT @ 3:15 in 519 

November 10th: Middle School Open House @ 5:30 

November 11th: Veterans Day, No school 

November 13th: SLT Speaker series and workshop @ MSC @8:30 in B-17 Responsive Classroom Part 3: How to Talk So Kids will Listen& Listen So Kids with Talk