Letter from Claire - November 16

Dear Families,


We wanted to share some information on why the door alarms have been placed on all our doors. All doors of NYC school buildings have had security alarms installed as part of a law passed following the death of Avonte Oquendo, a special needs student who disappeared from his Queens school in 2013.


The bill, known as "Avonte's Law," was passed last year and required the Department of Education to put in place precautions to prevent students from being able to exit schools unnoticed. Alarms will sound when using any exit door in the building.  Please help us keep our building safe by entering and exiting only through the front door or via the door by the auditorium if you have needs that require an accessible entrance/exit (push the buzzer for access). We need to come together as a community to ensure that all students are safe.


Middle school open house was a big success! Many families shared with me how impressed they were with the professional and comprehensive literature passed out to the visitors, to our compelling and amazing students, teachers and alumni.  Big shout out to our staff and all the family volunteers for their time, effort and incredible commitment to making this event extraordinary.


Thank you also to our SLT for organizing the “How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk” workshop!  It was well attended and very informative. A parent shared with me a move that she learned in the workshop.  By laying in bed with her child for an extra minute in the morning, she helped her child start the day in a positive way.


From the Classroom

Students from Stephanie’s 3rd grade class held a learning share.  Amos shared his November reflection sheet and how he learned to read for a longer time, and to participate more on the rug. Sam read his small moment writing piece Three Days Camping and explained how he learned how to describe the setting with a storytelling voice. Leah read her writing piece No More Training Wheels and shared how she created a timeline for her story. 


I held the second meeting with our student representatives where we discussed how to share the rules with the school at the Town Halls in November.  Here are our final rules:

Take care of yourself, Take care of others, Take care of environment. In November we are having Gratitude Reading Buddy Town Halls as a way of continuing to develop school-wide culture. A question to ask and discuss is: “What will you do to create more gratitude at MSC?”


It was a wonderful to see families at Madelene’s 2/3 potluck on Thursday evening eating and talking together. Class parents, please speak to your classroom teacher(s) about organizing a potluck for your class before winter break so families have more opportunities to come together and get to know each other. 


Please come to our PTA General Meeting and "Chat with Claire" on Tuesday, November 17 at 8:45AM in the Auditorium.