Letter from Claire - October 19

Dear families,

We had two very successful parent led events this week, our School Leadership Team Partnership Mixer and our First Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee meeting.  Big shout and thanks to the SLT committee, PTA, IDC and to all families who attended.


At the SLT mixer, our partnerships: Lincoln Center, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Roads to Success, Wellness in the Schools, Music at MSC, Sing and Learn, iZone 360/ iLearn, Urban Advantage, and NY Sunworks met with families and shared how they work with our students and how the work enhances our curriculum for all. 


Discussion at the IDC meeting, which was well attended, revolved around outreach, partnering with our school leadership team, a community service project and a book club. More information to come soon!


Please take a leadership role, we welcome everyone’s involvement.  We also need volunteers for k tours! Reach out to our PTA Presidents Lisa and Brad for information msc.copres@gmail.com


From the Classroom

First grade completed self-portraits with Bernard in art class.  Artist James Rizzi and his bright colors inspired the class portraits.  I visited Erica’s first grade family gallery share.


This week, Mary Ann, Wendy and myself met with the class delegates.  Each delegate presented to the whole group why they wanted to be the grade representative.  All delegates voted and results will be shared later this week.


Meredith and Jessica’s invited families to their second grade classroom for Small Moment writing class process share. They presented: what was our process as writers? Juliet shared her small moment story when her fish fell on the floor. Sam read the part when he was separated from his parents in the airport for a minute and a half. 


We’re excited that 4th Grade will be presenting their Greenhouse Projects during Town Halls in October.  Caroline, Athena, Isiah in Krisin’s fourth grade will tackle recycling, finding ways to help students recycle properly in the cafeteria. They are requesting logos for the recycling area in the cafeteria. Students will submit their logo idea to by November 13th, a committee will review the submissions, pick the top 10 ten logos and post a different one each month in the cafeteria.


Two MSC teams are making a splash this month.  The Flag Football team has a winning record.  It’s very exciting!  Our varsity volleyball team won their first game! Keep it up! The next volleyball game is at home came on October 22nd at 4:00 in the basement gym.  Come and cheer them on.  Big shout out to the girls and Karen G!



On October 20, the PTA will be hosting an informational session on lice, lice detection, removal and treatment. The session will take place at 8:45-9:15 in Room B-17.  Please attend and be prepared.  

Please remember that, in order to ensure a safe learning environment, the Department of Education now requires that every exit door be alarmed.  Alarms have been installed on all of the 14 exit doors in our building, with the exception of the front doors.   All staff and families must enter and exit only through the front door.  Alarms will sound when using any other door in the building. 

Please remind your children it is unsafe and dangerous to hang, climb and/or play on the scaffolding surrounding our building. 

Remember it is photo day this week. Check the website for dates an times. Big shout out to Diane and Charlene for planning, organizing photo days! 


Important Dates:

October 20th: Lice Clinic @ 8:45-9:15AM in Room B-17 (basement)

October 20th-22nd: Photo Days, schedule is posted on website.

October 26th: Annual Appeals Phone A Thon 

October 27th: Chat with Claire @ 6:00 pm in cafeteria