MSC Friday Blast!

Blast Includes:
  • Lice Workshop Next Week!
  • For Grades K-6: After-school clubs - Register by Friday night!
  • Photo Sale
  • Friendly Reminders: Lateness, Lost & Found, Photo ID Card
After-school clubs- Register by Friday Night!

Dear MSC families,

Horizons After- School clubs start next week and spots are filling up! Register by Saturday, January 10 to join!
To sign up:
*New Families- go to to register and choose the “Additional Services” payment option.
*Current RTS participants- Log into your account at and click "Add Services" tab to make your selections!
Contact for help with registration:
* Winter Schedule *
January 12- March 27

Focus, coordination, and respect with Senpai Mark
Grd K- 6

Culture, rhythm, self- defense out of Brazil with ABCBx Kids!
Grd 1- 5

Park Adventure Club (P.A.C.)
Central Park outdoor education & activities
Grd K- 4

Rock Guitar! 
with NYC Guitar School
Grd 1 & up

Cooking Lab
Healthy culinary fun with Red Rabbit. Continuing & beginning students welcome.
Grd 1 & up

Focus, coordination, and respect with Senpai Mark
Grd K- 6

Superhero Training with Story Pirates
Creative writing and storytelling with the world- famous Story Pirates!
Grd 1- 4

Success Spanish
Curriculum by Global Language Project! Beginning & Intermediate students welcome
Grd K- 4

Great Lego Engineering activities provided by Robofun
Grd K- 2

Stage Legends
Theatre activities & performance
Grd 1- 5

Animation Lab
Stop- motion animation with The Good School
Grd 3 & up

Fastbreak Basketball
Developmental games & Basketball skills with Fastbreak Sports
Grd K- 5

RTS Chess
Chess for all levels!
Grd K- 5
Davis M.Connelly, Senior Program Director
Roads to Success  |  174 E 104th St, 3rd Floor |  New York, NY 10029
T  646.205.7719  |  E  |
thank you

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Dear MSC Parents,
The New Year is upon us, but it’s not too late to purchase this year’s school portraits. 
To celebrate JDZ Photography is offering 25% off prints, packages, and files.  Simply enter MSC25 in the promotional/coupon field at checkout.  Here is how to access the photos:
Go to and click Client Viewing.
Click “Schools” and enter your child’s class-specific password from this list:
MSC 1 Alli: qEclcb
MSC 1 Erica: fu72Jm
MSC 1 Gerri & Lindsey: aJpe29
MSC 1 Huay: DQzavQ
MSC 2/3 Madelene: JA214U
MSC 2 Elizabeth: 3FsafX
MSC 2 Karen: ctcu16
MSC 2 Meredith & Jessica: SGAAsR
MSC 3 Andrea: 3sFEXv
MSC 3 Elizabeth: LKcTfs
MSC 3 Marissa & Alissa: XqSr8P
MSC 4 Kristin: 8ZALQz
MSC 4 Maureen & Patti: OUwagi
MSC 4 Pam: Di8A47
MSC 5 Barbara: H2V782
MSC 5 Hilary & Jill: 8845Vd
MSC 5 Nancy: 3r22Kv
MSC 602 Amy & Alaina: qeQ9up
MSC 601 Nicole: 378yru
MSC 701 Nicki: NW4hiR
MSC 702 Nicki: N9HWwG
MSC 802 Brian: iL6CSk
MSC 801 Matthew: V1O34M
MSC K Amy: i9qxRs
MSC K Laurel: N4N757
MSC K Lynn: AJT714
MSC K Suzanne & Stephanie: 4CoutH
You will be able to view photos and order prints directly through our secure website.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  
Jeff Zorabedian
JDZ Photography LLC
Lauren Koffler
MSC Parent - Photo Day Coordinator
Diane Bradshaw
MSC Parent - Photo Day Coordinator
Please hurry, though: this offer expires Friday, January 23.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 
Happy New Year!!!
Jeff Zorabedian

LATENESS: The loss of valuable class time for the individual, and the disruptive impact on the class due to late arrivals, has a negative impact on the entire educational process. Excessive lateness to school may negatively impact students’ eligibility to participate in school-sponsored activities, promotion or graduation. Students are expected to arrive to school on time. Class begins at 8:25 AM. Students who arrive after 8:30 AM will be marked late and MUST go to the Main Office (Room 516) and sign our late book and late pass (give the late pass to the teacher).
LOST & FOUND: Please be advised that every 15 days, we must clear the items in the Lost & Found box. All items are donated. Please come to the Main Office (Room 516) to claim any of your lost items. If your child has after-school, please check the lost & found box at the lobby near the Nurse's Office.

PHOTO ID CARD: Please email with your photo and information (your name, your child's name and your child's teacher). Your ID card will be ready in a week. You can pick up the ID card from your child's teacher.