MSC Monday Blast!

Blast Includes:
  • Student Video: Be Nice To Nature & Don't Hurt Nature
  • Handwork for Grades 2-8: Few Spots Available in Beginning Knitting
  • December Wellness Letter
  • Friendly Reminders
  • Each class from Grades 2-5 chose a problem with the planet that they see here at school and they found solutions to those problems. Students used many different types of ways to solve these problems one type of solution was with a video.
  • Please click the images below to watch the videos.
  • We will be posting two videos per week. Please look forward to more student videos from Shakira's Class. You can find all posted and future videos on Shakira's Class Page and our Media Page.
There are a few spots left in beginning knitting! The first class is Wednesday. If you are interested in signing up, please click here to view/print our registration form or pick up the form in Room 317.

Handwork is a valued piece of learning for boys and girls in many Progressive schools. Rudolf Steiner (Founder of the Waldorf Schools) believed that Handwork supported the intellectual and emotional development of children and that through handwork the inner and the external world of the child is united. Steiner felt that through the engagement of mind and handwork a child's understanding of the world and her connection to it would naturally occur. We are not Waldorf teachers and MSC is not a Waldorf school, but we do believe that "Hand work" is an important piece of a child's cognitive, social and emotional development. That is why we engage our students in class in handwork and project work. This year we would love to extend our practice and passion beyond the classroom day. 

  • We will be offering our handwork programs on Wednesdays from 3:15 - 4:45 in room 303
  • This time around our program will be on weaving- paper weaving then hoop weaving. It starts on Wed. october 8th until November 19th.
  • Knitting I - will focus on the basics of knitting. It will run from January 7th through February 11th.
  • Next we will have Knitting II. It will run from February 25th through April 1st. The focus will be on reading a basic knitting pattern and completing a project.
  • Finally we will have our last program in May through mid June, details TBD.
  • Lost & Found: Please be advised that every 15 days, we must clear the items in the Lost & Found box. All items are donated. Please come to the Main Office (Room 516) to claim any of your lost items. If your child has after-school, please check the lost & found box at the lobby near the Nurse's Office.

  • Photo ID Card: Please email with your photo and information (your name, your child's name and your child's teacher). Your ID card will be ready in a week. You can pick up the ID card from your child's teacher.