Attention all Kindergarten families!

Beginning the week of February 23rd, your child will begin coming to the Dance Studio twice every week.  As you may already know, children are expected to have bare feet while in the Dance Studio. This allows us to maintain a safe and clean environment free from slip hazards and from any dirt, salt, or water that could get tracked in by shoes.

In order to help your child prepare for this transition, please spend some time with them helping them to independently get their shoes and socks on and off. For example, this may be a good month to practice tying and untying their shoelaces.  If their shoelaces are too challenging for them to take on and off, it might be a good time to bargain shop or ask around for hand-me-downs of shoes with velcro straps.  Also, students will need to remove socks, so it might be helpful to practice that, and to look around for warm footless leggings if your child tends to regularly wear footed tights.  If your child uses a wheelchair, a walker, or braces, I will be checking in (as needed) with you, with your child's Occupational and Physical therapists, or with class paraprofessionals to begin establishing a routine for coming into the Dance Studio.

Closer to the start date, families will receive more detailed information about weekly dance schedule and any other relevant information.

Thank you all for your support!  I look forward to working with your children!

-Ana Rubinstein, MSC Dance Specialist