Attendance and Lateness Policy MSC 2014-2015

Dear Families, 

In order to ensure that everyone is aware of the Attendance/Lateness Policy at MSC please note the following:

Attendance is taken first thing in the morning.  Students are expected to be in their classroom by 8:30am.  The building is open to families and students at 8:15AM.  Classroom doors open at 8:25am.

Families and students have 15 minutes (from 8:15-8:30am) to arrive at the classroom on time.

All students, grades k-8, are considered late after 8:30am. 

Classroom teachers take attendance by using the Daily Attendance Form (ATS scan sheets).  It is a bubble sheet, and children who arrive to the classroom between 8:30 and 8:45am are marked late.  Any student NOT present between 8:30 and 8:45am will be marked absent. 

Students arriving at school after 8:45am must go to the Main Office, sign in and get a late pass.  The late pass is given to the classroom teacher.  Students who have notes from the Doctor/dentist/clinic and/or school tours/tryouts/tests, must drop off the notes in the Main Office (not to the classroom teacher.)

It’s important to go to the main office and sign the late book, since we will check that book in order to ensure that ATS scan sheets are correct, before the bubble sheet is scanned in to ATS.  Please fill out all information requested and write legibly.

The reasons for absences and/or lateness are not scanned in, but have to be manually entered. 

When a student is late because of traffic/overslept/not feeling well, and you call/email/send note, it is considered an "excused" absence or lateness BUT it still shows up as an absence or lateness.  It is coded 01 (phone) or 02 (written/email) as an "excused lateness/absence" and on the student's transcript is shows up as an excused "A" or 'L" and not as a "P" for present.

Doctor/dentist/clinic visits and school tours/tryouts/tests are coded as "P" for present.  Medical visits are coded "61" and Out of Building for Auditions/Tours “54”. 

The most important year for attendance is 7th Grade.  High Schools will look at students’ attendance for 7th grade in order to make acceptance decisions.

Families should keep in mind that the 8th grade attendance, although important, will not be reviewed by potential high schools.  Schools do not have access to students' attendance or test scores until students are officially registered as students at their schools.  (Just like we cannot see students' attendance until they are assigned and registered to MSC).  The schools will only have access to the 7th grade information, as it is already printed on their high school applications. 

Attendance records from previous years cannot be adjusted or changed.