Morning Routine

Dear Families,

Thank you for your patience as we transition into our morning routine, and for saying "Hello!" this morning :)

In the morning, at 8:15AM, the doors open.  There are two entrances to our school, one at the front door, and another thru the auditorium.  To reduce the congestion to enter the building, please have your ID card out and you can swipe quickly and the line will move faster.

No one can enter the building without swiping an ID card or signing in with the security officer at the entrance.  The DOE allows MSC to continue to let access to the classrooms because we have this system in place.

Families that are new, or have lost their ID cards, please note:  You must continue to sign in until a new ID card is issued.  There will be a volunteer in the lobby starting MONDAY, Sept. 8th (at drop off and pick up) who will take photos for IDs, which will then be delivered to your child's classroom.

Thank you for your continued support.