SLT Speaker Series follow-up

Dear MSC Parents/Guardians,

Last week we learned a lot about what is currently being used in classrooms to promote peer-to-peer negotiation, peace, and a responsive classroom.  A huge "thank you" to Mary Ann Schmidt, Michelle Argumeda and Alison Roque for speaking to us.  If you attended this event, please be sure to fill out an evaluation form and drop it off in the Main office (envelope on the left side of the Parent Coordinator desk).   We'd love to hear your feedback and learn how to improve our events.

The School Leadership Team looks forward to continuing our Speaker Series next year, taking a closer look at MSC Partnerships, more on Responsive Classrooms, navigating social media, and much more.  We hope you will join us!


Yours truly,

Alyssa Cheng


School Leadership Team Chair

Attached File: Speaker Series Evaluation on Responsive Classroom 6/10/14