Box Tops for Education Program UPDATE and call to register!

Keep clipping those Box Tops and bringing them in to school.  Collection bags are outside most classrooms and a collection box is located in the Main Office as well.

So far our school has earned $724 and is on track to earn several hundred more dollars more.  

YES, from those TEN CENT clippings you all bring in! They do add up!

Another aspect of the program is a way to earn eBoxTops®, also worth 10¢ for our school. The only 

difference is that you earn them online, so there’s no need to clip them or send them 

to school. eBoxTops® earnings are automatically credited to our school and this is done through many online retailers you are already shopping with.  To get started you need to register at: From that point on you log on to the website and go to where you'll find links to over 300 stores that participate.  

That's it!  

Happy online shopping and keep those clipped BoxTops coming.