UCF Meeting Friday / UCF Raffle Tickets


Uptown County Fair Meetings will be on Friday,  May 23 and Thursday, May 29, 2014.

The last meeting TBA

Thanks to all the committee heads for pitching in and giving their all!


Hi Parents,

Please buy/sell your raffle tickets and turn them in as soon as possible. Please check your child's backpack/ bag for raffle tickets.

Fill in the top of the tickets and turn them in with the money, $10 for each book or $1 each ticket. Keep the bottoms for your own records

You don't have to present to win.

You can turn them into the office on the 5th floor or at the raffle table in the lobby during morning drop off.

Extra raffles are available at the raffle table and in the 5th floor office.

Raffle is held on at the fair, June 7th 2014.

Please bring in before that date.

Thank you and let's make this the best raffle ever!!!

Uptown County Fair 2014 Raffle Team

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