The Annual Appeal Needs You!

We've raised more than $10,000 in four days but we're a long way from our goal.
Earlier this week you received the Annual Appeal mailing which, in addition to a nifty school calendar, included a letter explaining just how critical your financial support is to our school. You already know that the money raised goes towards all the special programming, support, and resources our children receive every day at MSC -- that means everything from the greenhouse science program to the end-of-year musical to professional development for our stellar teachers. 
What you may not know is that a high participation rate in the Annual Appeal campaign demonstrates the strength of our community and shows outside funders that our school is worth supporting. In other words, the more families that give, the better MSC's chance of receiving grants or other outside funds. So more important than the size of your gift is the fact that you give something. Whether it's $10 or $10,000, the quality of our children's education depends upon us all.
Annual Appeal volunteers will be in the lobby at drop-off and pick-up through Tuesday, October 21. We'll take your donations and answer any questions that may not have been covered by the letter. We also have extra mailers on hand in case you'd like to forward one to a family member or friend who may also be interested in supporting MSC. Please help us reach our goal of $200,000 and 100% family participation by stopping by. 
If you can't donate in person, return the remittance envelope by mail or donate online with a credit card: CLICK HERE (Though given the choice between a credit card and a check, we'd rather have the check to avoid the credit card fees!) All donations are fully tax deductible.
Many thanks from your Annual Appeal team,
Laurie Kuntz, Paulina Perera-Riveroll & Julia Rudolph
Upcoming volunteer opportunities:
Join the Lobby Crew next Monday and Tuesday 10/20 and 10/21 at drop-off and pick-up. We need two people per shift, 8:30–9:15am and 2:30–3:15pm
We also need help with thePhone-a-Thon which will be held Monday, November 24th from 6–9pm. Join us in calling families to remind them about the Annual Appeal. Dinner and wine will be served. We promise good food and drinks, great company, and your very own phone script. Bring your cell phone and a friend!
Sign up on the PA bulletin board in the lobby or by e-mailing Thanks in advance.