MSC Art for Auction

"Hello, we are here today representing the 4th grade; Maureen and Patti’s class, Pam’s class, and Kristin’s class. As you know, each year MSC has an annual fund raising project. This year it was called “Celebrate MSC!” and was held on Saturday, March 28th.  Highlights of the evening are all of the art projects created by each class for the auction. We are here to present to you the fourth grade’s artwork for the auction.

We created three large pieces that were inspired by the art of Frank Stella. We learned that Mr. Stella was born in 1936, and is still living and working in New York City today.  He is an abstract artist, and one of the most famous living artists in the world today. His work is in museums around the world.  Mr. Stella combines painted surfaces and sculpture into really large multi-leveled reliefs.  Although there is no narrative or story in Mr. Stella’s work, there is a lot of energy, joyfulness and exuberance! We focused on pieces where he made use of architectural tools such as protractors, right triangles and French curves. But his work is constantly changing – you never know what he is going to do next. In fact, Mr. Stella was commissioned by the auto maker BMW to paint one of their race cars.

The slideshow you are about to see explains our working process and you can see our project evolve. We planned how our separate canvases would connect together and where shapes would overlap onto another canvas.  We created multiple levels of forms, just the way you can see in Mr. Stella’s work.  Each class had its own color scheme and the students in the class had to make decisions and work cooperatively in order to complete this project in time for the auction.    We hope that you enjoy our show!"