Grades 5 & 6 Dance Music Video Elective & Red Carpet Party

The students in this video worked collaboratively to create the concept for this video. They also created the first drafts of all the choreography, researched special effects techniques, designed and created the costumes, scouted out locations for shooting, provided ongoing input to the storyboard, and kept us all laughing! They were assisted by a few adults…

Director/Choreographer - Ana Rubinstein
Videographer/Editor - Justine Gilbuena
Sound Editor - Duke Hoover
Executive Producers - Claire Lowenstein, Tatiana Hoover, Darlene Dooley, Kerry Powers
Production Assistants - Elaine Mar, Karen Guishard, Lisa Reme, Veronica Campuzano
Location Support - Alfredo Lori, Arnaldo Silva, Patrick Louis

Special thanks to the Fifth and Sixth Grade Teams for letting us steal your kids for extra shooting time, to Aurea Flores for digging up the best props and materials we could hope for, to the MSC Custodial Staff for facilitating access to location shoots throughout the building, to the families of the 5th and 6th grade students in the Dance Elective for being such champions of the kids' work, and to the Manhattan School for Children Parents' Association for their ongoing financial support of this project and of the arts programs throughout the school.

Music provided by YouTubers Caleb Hyles and WeMakeInstrumentals.

Additional stock video provided by Vimeo artists Envato and Tim Little.

Copyright 2015 Manhattan School for Children

No animals or children were harmed in the making of this video. (We promise!)