Grade 5 & 6 Shadow Play "The Wolf's Eyelashes" - Arts Festival 2017

"The Wolf's Eyelashes"

The students in grades 5 and 6 participated in a special artistic collaboration during the second quarter. Students from the dance elective, the storytelling elective, the drama elective and the art elective created a production entitled "The Wolf's Eyelashes." This four elective collaboration was the first of its kind for the arts program here at MSC. The show involved live actors, narrators, 'shadow' dancers who performed behind a screen, shadow puppets, projected scenery and music. The story is a retelling of a Japanese folktale about a little girl named Akiko, who must make her way in the world and must learn to discern whom to trust. She is taught a valuable lesson by a wolf she meets in the forest who helps to see who is truly kind and truly human.

As part of this immersive experience, the students in the electives also participated in a Lincoln Center Education unit. They saw a production titled "Lula Del Ray" at Lincoln Center. This multi-media performance made use of all of the techniques - live actors and projected images - that our students employedin their performance.  Lincoln Center Teaching Artists worked with our electives to help prepare the students for the viewing of Lula, and to engage them in deep noticing and critical thinking about  the choices that the artistic company faced in the creation of it multi-media production.

We hope that you enjoy this video of our students' production, "The Wolf's Eyelashes!"

The Arts Cluster Team: Mary Ann Schmidt , Megan Amorese, Erin Moughon, Ana Rubinstein, Bernard Winter


Class 301 - Courage and Confidence

MSC Cross Country Team

On Saturday November 12 some runners from the MSC cross country team participated in the Ronald McDonald House charity fun run in Central Park. Everyone pushed themselves hard and had fun at the same time!