Dear members of the community,

Public education is where my heart is. My varied experiences in elementary school, middle school, and high school have ignited my ongoing quest and passion for improving education. My ideas have formed into a bigger vision where I realized that if I want change and reform in an urban school then it is up to me to stand up and actively seek opportunities like this one to be a true instructional leader.

As a graduate of NYC Leaders in Education Apprenticeship Program, an educator for fourteen years in public, private and independent schools, and as an Assistant Principal at The Manhattan School for Children, I was ready for this leap. Understanding the complex structure of a school amid changing, and often competing, initiatives has prepared me to be an innovative leader in a dynamic learning environment. Attaining the knowledge to create an environment that encompasses pedagogical best practices through strong curriculum, instruction and a community of educators, students and families, are the foundation for a successful school.

My mission is to lead our progressive school where staff, students and families value inquiry-based teaching and learning by doing. We all want to have the opportunity to tap into our passions and interests. Even as adults we still crave to learn.  Right now I am refining my serve and my backhand for my summer game on the tennis court.

Our goal is for students to be immersed daily in problem solving and critical thinking. We will continue to challenge our students to explore their skills, talents and opinions in order to engage in real world experiences. I recently pledged to learn how to ride a bike. As a little girl, I tumbled off my bike while riding down a steep hill, had to have stitches, and a permanent scar on my knee remains. I always felt fear and never got back on the bike. With a lot of support and encouragement, I will explore how to stay balanced and I will ride a bike soon - maybe in the yard outside without training wheels.

Ultimately, we want to empower our students to think about our world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in new and innovative ways. Our approach is to put student work at the center, and to value and look closely at emotional, social, as well as academic growth.

I am honored to be the leader of our wonderful school. We will continue to explore, engage and be empowered together.


Principal, P.S. 333 Manhattan School For Children