K03 News

Hello Families!


It was so great to see/meet all of you and your beautiful children! We had a really great first couple of days last week! Your kids are so ready for kindergarten - full of excitement and already are forming a special community. 


I will be sending you a newsletter every Sunday (or whatever day falls before going back to school for the coming week), to let you know all things going on in K515. Here is the first...


CURRICULUM NIGHT: Will be this Wednesday, Sept. 13th from 6pm-7pm in our classroom (515). I will be discussing the year and answering questions. Curriculum Night is for adults only - thanks!


FAMILY PHOTO: Please try to bring any family photo in with your child this week to be hung up in the classroom for the entire year. It can be any size - serious, goofy, old, new - even pieced together if you don't have one with all of your immediate family members. It is such a comfort for your children to see your faces in their classroom every day and it can also remind them that you are part of school as well. Thank you!


WATER: For kindergarten, I feel the most efficient way to get water (since they are not all tall enough to drink from the fountains on their own), is to have a water cooler inside the classroom.  I already have a volunteer parent looking in to renting one for the year (thank you Colleen - Wade's mom). If you would like to help her get that together that would be great! Once we do have a cooler, I would like to ask a parent to get us plastic cups that will be the children's permanent drinking cups instead of bringing in water bottles. If anyone would like to volunteer that please let me know! Thank you again!


DID YOU HEAR ABOUT SCHOOL LUNCH? Now, all school lunch is free for everybody! That is so cool! So if you would like your child to try the school lunch just sign up outside the classroom for now so I can give a count to the cafeteria. They can even try it for a month and see how it goes!


CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Please be sure to bring in a change of clothes for your child (shirt, pants, underpants, socks) in a gallon plastic bag with their name on it. I will store them in a plastic bin.


REMINDER: Please keep toys and stuffed animals home or in your child's backpack. We don't allow them inside the classroom - thanks.


SPECIALS SCHEDULE: Here is the schedule for our special classes:

  • Monday - Dance
  • Tuesday - Projects
  • Wednesday - Literacy with Wendy
  • Thursday - Greenhouse and Dance
  • Friday - Music

Please note - When the kids have Dance they will be taking on and off their shoes and socks. PLEASE send them with shoes that are easy for them to handle on their own - no laces unless they know how to tie please, and no tights those days. Thanks!!


ALLERGY IN THE CLASS: We DO have a child with a nut allergy in the class so please, when purchasing snacks, bear this in mind. Thank you!




We are getting to know each other and having as much fun as possible! We have started to learn the routines of Morning Meeting and have been exploring the classroom. This week we will continue to learn our routines and explore the school. We have already started learning some dances and This Land is Your Land, by Woody Guthrie and will learn more songs and movement breaks this week. 


We will start some projects to celebrate ourselves and each other. We will start different workshops (writing, reading, math) all the while focusing on what we can already do and all the different ways these skills are shown. For example, drawing pictures to write is writing! Reading signs and pictures is reading! Huzzah! And we will PLAY - because we all know that playing is the very best way for young people to learn.


We will also be thinking about and discussing all the different ways people move and communicate in our school. We will discuss how we can include children who move in different ways at recess too.


Lastly, we will start to voice our hopes and dreams for kindergarten and start to form our classroom rules together.


Just to put you at ease if you should need some support - your child may have a difficult time separating from you after the weekend and they realize that those first couple days of school were actually the beginning of a longer journey! They may give you a humdinger of a time and if that happens here's the deal: This is normal and just really un-fun for you. I've never had a kid who is upset all day and 99.9% of the time they are absolutely fine within minutes of you leaving. So, how you handle the separation is up to you since you know your child best - you can make a clean break when I ring the chime or you can also stay for a bit if you think that would be helpful. No stress, no judgments, it's all good! And, of course, there is also the strong possibility that your child will be totally happy to start the day! Yay!


Have a great week!