Box Tops For Education

Box Tops are EACH worth 10¢ and they quickly add up to real CASH $$$ for our school -- the most recent check (2 months worth of Tops) earned MSC $233! Imagine what we can make in a year! To help our school, just look for pink Box Tops on products, clip them, and drop them in one of the bags. I will go around collecting them every few weeks. For more information on the Box Tops for Education program, including a list of participating products and our school’s progress, visit

Fairway Community Partners Program

Do your normal shopping at any Fairway Market. Show your Fairway Community Partners card before you pay. 3% of your total purchase will be donated to our school. It's that simple. 3% may not seem like much, but it really adds up.  To help us grow our donation even more, Fairway schedules a Double Day each quarter. Every dollar you spend counts twice. Any questions, please contact Lilar Chin and visit fairway community partners.