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First Grade Newsletter

                         Room 415

                   September 11th, 2017


Dear Families,


Thank you for all your support over the first days of school. The children did a great job for the first two days of school. This week, the children will work on their hopes and dreams for the new school year.  Over the next few weeks, the children will work on learning classroom routines, establishing rules and class jobs for the classroom.  


Here is some important classroom information to make the transition to school easier.

Children should put their lunchbox in the containers at the end of the cubbies.

Water bottles can be kept in the classroom.

Children who come to school after 9:45 need to get a late pass from the office.

We have recess first period so it would be helpful if your child uses the bathroom before morning meeting.

First Grade is having a welcome breakfast Wednesday, September 20th from 8:30 to 9:00. Families can sign up to bring something that morning. Look for sign up sheet outside the classroom.

Curriculum night is in the classroom September 13th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

Please send in clean children’s socks. We use them as erasers for the whiteboards.

Remember to get all your forms in as soon as possible.

The email address I use is blanksuzanne@gmail.com. I also have a board over my desk where you can leave me a note.

All class newsletters will be posted on the MSC website each week.


Ways to help out:

As many of you know I am in a new classroom this year and I am in the process of organizing the library. If you are interested in coming in after school to help please let me know what day I will be here. Families can also volunteer to help sharpen pencils, and vacuum the rug. I will be putting up a list of jobs and families can sign up if they able to help out.


Our classroom does not have a working vacuum. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could donate or families could contribute to buy one. Thank so much for all the supplies some of you have already sent in to school.



I really enjoyed meeting you all this week and I look forward to working with you and your children. We are going to have a great year together.