Through our partnership with iZone 360, iLearnNYC, is an online platform through the Department of Education that implements online and blended learning to expand current school boundaries that limit how and when a student can learn.

iLearnNYC empowers teachers, administrators, students and families with cutting edge resources that allows all to have access to: curriculum, classroom newsfeeds, grades, weekly assignments, and provides a safe online space where all can communicate 24 hours a day.

Parents have 24/7 access by following:

  • Go to www.ilearnnyc.net and login with your child’s login and password
  • Newsfeed is updated by Monday every week in all classes
  • Grades are updated by Monday morning every week
  • Assignments in all classes are updated and uploaded weekly
  • An average grade is updated weekly so families and students can see a snapshot of the grade for each class weekly.


This is a video showing you how to set up an email address, a cell phone number, or both to get automatic updates from iLearn. It's a way to stay updated without having to always log in.