At each grade level, academic curriculum entry points and connections are made. For example, first graders studying various animal habitats as part of the science curriculum might create works of art in which they paint or sculpt ocean-dwellers, animals native to the Rainforest or the Arctic and so on. We strive to teach the students about dance, theater, music, performing techniques and theater crafts such as costuming and scenery. We take advantage of all the arts of New York City by scheduling performances for all students to see at venues such as the New Victory Theater, the Lincoln Center Institute and others.

All students participate in our drama program, creating and enacting stories and original works as part of their core curriculum activities. The program helps children understand concepts such as audience, voice and presentation while exploring classroom topics, enriching their understanding of material presented in the curriculum. Our classroom teachers work as partners with teaching artists from Lincoln Center Institute and the Lucy Moses School. MSC has at least one full-time drama teacher.

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This elective will give you the tools to deliver a successful monologue. The course will cover how to discover the structure of the monologue (beginning, middle, climax, end); how to create suspense and how to make good acting choices. Students will start by writing monologues themselves!

Requirements: Every student will prepare two monologues (one comic, one dramatic) and will perform one piece for an invited audience. Students not auditioning for high school may replace one of the monologues with a scene and work with a scene partner.