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At MSC, all students participate in studio art classes. In addition, art activities are integrated into the daily study of the academic disciplines. Children in all grades learn about the many genres of art and the formal aspects of art including color, line and composition through the use of art materials in many media. The creative process is designed to reproduce that of a real working artist, from ideas suggested in a sketchbook, through execution, to review by their peers and display for the public. 

At MSC, we believe that art is both a process and a product: children learn to approach a problem creatively and expressively while they also create works of art. Studio work is primary and central, a way to think critically and problem solve in the various media. The studio experience follows one pattern at all developmental levels. Students are introduced to materials, techniques and concepts, and then have the opportunity to explore or practice, and finally use their knowledge to solve a particular problem or complete a specific project. 

We encourage students to develop a vocabulary to talk about art and visual expression and to feel comfortable expressing their aesthetic responses to their own and others' work. We encourage the children to explore the relationship between art and other disciplines. And we link their art experience to the curriculum in each classroom, including language arts, math and especially social studies. MSC has a full-time art teacher and a dedicated art room.

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Our 5th /6th grade elective encourages students to work individually and in group projects that involve research, measuring, and planning. Projects are often art historical in nature, and align with the social studies/history curriculums of the middle school.  Our 7th /8th grade elective has consisted of a portfolio preparation class for those interested in making an application to one of the specialized high schools in art in New York City.  Other electives have focused on the graphic novel, on set and prop design for our annual spring musical, and a model making elective.  I look forward to an exciting year of creating art with your children!

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